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Competitive Smart Cities in Rajasthan

Compititive Smart Cities in RajasthanIt is important to understand that the Smart City Mission is centred around the leveraging of the economic potential and unique identity of cities and towns. In this context NIUA with support from Confederation of Indian Industry has prepared profiles of ten cities and towns of Rajasthan based on latest secondary data from official sources to guide the thinking on smart cities. Some models of development have been included such that the discussion about the subject can be better informed.
The city factsheet provides key indicators on demography, economy, human development and poverty. Such information is important for understanding the cities’ landscape and also for highlighting the importance of smaller cities and towns. Among the ten selected cities, eight cities are the largest cities of Rajasthan in terms of  population (Census of India, 2011). Three among them viz, Jaipur, Jodhpur and Kota are the metropolitan cities.  These eight cities are also the major contributor in the state net domestic product (2009-10). Bhiwadi city has reported the highest growth rate in Rajasthan during the decade 2001-11. The annual growth rate of Bhiwadi city is 11.3 percent whereas, the average growth rate of urban Rajasthan is 2.55 percent. Mount Abu is the only hill station in Rajasthan and it attracts highest number of tourist in Rajasthan. Though its population is only 22,943, it attracts 1.71 million tourists on annual basis.